Bernie Fitzpatrick Interiors

People and personalities are at the heart of our design philosophy; we believe that great design can only come from understanding you and your aspirations. Our consultations are as much about the client as they are about the space, putting you at ease is an integral part of our approach and ultimately the result for the home or commercial property benefits this approach. The results reflect our passionate belief that our environment truly enhances how we live, work and interact.

There are many methods to creating a room that is aesthetically pleasing, combining correct materials with design trickery and even sourcing one-off pieces. This can sometimes include what might be an existing unappreciated piece the client already has, adding it to the story and personality of a room.

The practicalities of day to day living and the needs of the family, visiting friends, colleagues, etc., are all central themes when deciding how we approach a new project. Our unique selling points and what differentiates us from our competitors is that we apply a completely personalised service with a down to earth approach. We work to build a connection with our clients, understanding what they want to achieve and then applying our expertise and experience to deliver a finished project that meets their needs.

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"I can't recommend Bernie Fitzpatrick highly enough. I always knew she had great style regarding her personal appearance but now I know that she is also gifted at interiors . She came to my home when I was despairing that it was ever going to look nice or feel comfortable unless I was to win a hundred grand in the lotto.
She had great ideas about changes that we could make straight away and at affordable cost that would instantly transform a room.
It is a long road ahead for me in my house but I feel very confident with Bernie to guide me that I will eventually have a comfortable and stylish home that will be a pleasure for us to live in."

Louise Power

"I have been working with Bernie for a number of months on the layout of Our house, which is a new build. We needed a fresh set of eyes with the layout and Bernie has offered some great solutions. As the project progresses Bernie has been on hand to help with look & feel of our house. She has been a great resource, attentive to our needs and also cost conscious. I look forward to working with Bernie further over the coming months."

Sarah Lindsay